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Clamp Gripper

MP - 001 | Robot Grippers

For the collection of unstable packages, not closed, with irregular groupings or that must be completely glued, we recommend fork gripper the most suitable option for the subjection and positioning of the product.Sometimes the configuration of the mosaic and the speed of production involves the collection of several packets at a time with different orientation.To prevent the product from being able to move or release in the movements at high speed we have a vertical holding device (Stamper).


Materials: Carbon Steel / Duralumin .
Minimum box measurements L x W x H: 200 x 150 x 170 mm.
Maximum box measurements L x W x H: 770 x 260 x 250 mm.
Maximum weight: 50 kilograms.


Fork-lock: Device that holds the product by the lower part to avoid its fall during the displacement until the pallet.
Slipsheet function: It allows the hand to manipulate the carton and plastic slip sheets.
Pallet pick function: It allows the hand to manipulate the pallets.


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American closed cardboard boxes
Shrink-wrapped packages
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