Wepall - About

Our Story

Industry is behind the times in terms of development and distribution.
In 2016 Wepall  was born with the purpose of solving those problems, to meet the specific needs of each customer and focusing our bussiness plan and identity on E - commerce.
We seek to completely change the way programmers, engineers and clients work while developing projects. In order to minimize the cost, time and frustration that appears when metodology changes need to be made.

Our investment in research has allowed us to develop pioneering technology at world level, which results in better technology for this sector and competetive prices while still offering the best quality.
Wepall as a young company considers R + D to be an essential strategic element of its growth for both our robotics oriented software and palletiser lines.

It is so important for us to thank you for the trust placed in us and to appreciatte the effort and hard work of the people that work in this Company. 
Our employees exceed our clients expectations by showing them how easy is to design, program and install palletiser lines whitout external help.

Our Team

Gregorio Navarro
CEO & Founder
Alejandro Pérez
CTO & Founder
José Ortuño
COO & Founder
Fede Sánchez
Engineer & Developer
David Puyosa
Engineer & Developer
David Martinez
Chief Mechanic
José Antonio Gaspar
Industrial Engineer

Why Us


Our commercial assistant is a Project developed by our engineers with the purpose of being able to guide you through the whole shopping experience, recommending only what you need.


We understand that the safety of your personal information is extremely important to you that is why when you shop at Wepall, your privacy and online security are always guaranteed. You can either pay by bank transfer or credit card.


We believe in continious research and development to obtain the best products in the market. We are committed to being always in the forefront of design, technology and materials.

Customer Service

For any questions or queries please contact us. We have an exclusive and Personalized customer service, wishing to help you in everything you need.

After-Sales Service

Our engineers are experts in repair and aseembly of peripherals, we offer a personalized attention to your needs. We are always by your side.

Shipping Excellence

At the very same time you finish placing your order, our logistics team will get to work. Our main concern is that you recieve your godos within the deadline that we have estimated.