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Overcoming Industry Flaws

The story behind how we developed an universal solution
Wepall is still working hard to bring you the best technology and solutions available in the market. After 4 years working in secret we have something to show you.


After years of analyzing the inconveniences of this sector and working side by side with clients and robotic programmers, it was proved that sometimes, robotic palletizing can present some inconveniences for clients, programmers and integrators that could be solved with the development of new tools.

Robotic programmers need to be experts in the field, because each brand works with a different programming languages increasing the demand of these professionals.

The amount of robotic programmers is low in general terms but it is almost inexistent in development countries where they need to travel to each installation causing cost for both the client and the integrator.

Furthemore PLCs also work with different languages increasing the programmers load of work and the depency between them and providers.
Some of the industry leaders for robots and PLCs with different programming languages and development tools.
The previous facts can lead to the following issues related to installations.

Introducing Pall-E

The robot’s esperanto.

Made for

Sales & Invoicing
Packaging Professionals
End Users
Palletization Integrators

Why Pall-E?

Sales & Invoicing
Ultra Easy Programming
Pall-E allows you to configure a palletizing cell without any knowledge of robotic programming. By simply entering parameters, the system will automatically create palletizing programs in the language of the chosen robot.
Faster Installation
Using Pall-E, start-up time can be greatly reduced by streamlining the programming and adjustment processes of the palletizing cell.
Higher Production
Installations made with Pall-E achieve significantly higher production levels compared to traditional point-to-point programming, since the movements are self-calculated based on reference positions, generating shorter, more direct and comfortable paths for the robot.
Pall-E is compatible with leading brands of commercial robots with models suitable for palletizing applications. The programs generated by Pall-E are editable and modifiable, being an open system.
Expense Manager
Pall-E can be used in installations with a PLC or industrial PC of any trademark, offering great flexibility and adaptability.
Pall-E provides the user with complete autonomy since it does not depend at all on a specialist and specific technician for the programming of the palletizing cell (robot) or for future modifications or extensions.
Multi User
The configuration of the programming parameters is stored and available to the user in his or her private account if he or she wishes (if desired, for the safety of the program, everything is saved in the cloud), for future editing, modification and/or expansion.
Multi User
The great savings in time and travel, the fact that there is no need for specialized programmers, and the tight cost of Pall-E make the integration of a robotic palletizing cell extraordinarily inexpensive.

How it works?

Node Editor
No programming skills required.
Pall-E is a Step by Step (SBS) sofware, combining simple screens where the user configures all of the elements of a project.
The first step is based on visual programming, similar to educational software or 3d modeling where you connect all the physical elements of your installation and assigning them properties. You can add multiple objects, from robots to products, useful for multiline projects.
Layout Editor
Generate ideal pallet layouts based on the product and pallet's properties with our surface optimization algorithmn.
Pall-E's layout editor is an incredible way to design pallet's layouts, it lets you create boxes or any other kind of product and provides you different options such as rotation, multipicking or multiple layers all in one screen. Pall-E's collision system allows you to see if there is going to be a collision in the real program reducing costs and time.
Pool Editor
Define points, movements and more
When working with palletizing robots, they need to know what are the points they are going to use and also the different signals that the PLC sends them, with this tool you are going to be able create while loops, wait signals and define the speed or kind of movements of the robot.
Later, Pall-E will convert all of the previous steps into the source code that the robot understands.
Generate & Edit native code for any robot
After finishing your project, Pall-E will generate an specific source code for any robot and brand, however, if you are an expert programmer you can modify the code and adapt it to your needs. We provided common features to our code editor to improve your workflow.

How can it benefit you?

After numerous tests we have been able to obtain the following results and will continue working to improve them even more.
Up to
Cost Reduction
Production Boost
Less Comissioning Time